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In 2012, the potato planter precision seeding system project won the National Innovation Fund;
In 2013, the production demonstration project of a new type of potato planting machine was awarded the achievement transformation fund of Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology;
In 2014, the 2CM-4 type potato planter developed by the company won the second prize of Dezhou Science and Technology Progress Award;
In 2015, the developed 4UQ-165 potato harvester won the first prize of Dezhou Science and Technology Progress Award;
In 2015, won the title of "Top Ten Brands of Special Harvesting Machinery Most Favored by Users" in the 6th "Fine Farming Cup" of Agricultural Machinery 360.
In 2016, the research and development of 3WP-1200 boom sprayer won the third prize of Dezhou Science and Technology Progress Award;
In 2015 and 2016, they were awarded two Shandong Provincial Agricultural Machinery Equipment R&D and Innovation Projects with a total of 2.3 million yuan in innovation funds.
Secondly, certain achievements have also been made in the transformation of technological achievements. Among them, "2CM-4 potato planting machine" and "4UQ-165 potato harvesting machine" passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of Shandong Province and obtained the appraisal certificate (Lukechengjianzi [2013] No. 40, Lukechengjianzi [2013] No. 41).
In 2017, won the "Excellence Award" in the Shandong Science and Technology Workers Innovation Competition; Participating project: potato cleaning conveyor sorting device.
In 2018, the 4ULZ-170 potato combine harvester won the National “Second Prize” in the 4th “Dongfanghong” Cup Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Competition.
In 2019, it won the second level of "Shandong Science and Technology Award", project name: Key technology and application of potato mechanized planting.
In 2020, won the first prize of "Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Technology Innovation Award". Project name: Key technology and equipment for low-loss potato harvesting.